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Algunos idioms sobre la vuelta al cole!!!

Aprovechando que  comienza el periodo de vuelta al cole Back to school! os dejamos una lista de idioms relacionados con este tema para ir abriendo boca.


IDIOMS are phrases that reveal “secrets” from the past. IDIOMS come from many sources, many languages, many authors, many cultures. The “hidden” meanings in IDIOMS are great fun for kids, but also teach important, interesting and intriguing lessons in how language has developed and evolved over time.

1. A for effort!- recognizing that someone tried hard to accomplish something although they might not have been successful.

Example: “The cake didn’t turn out like she had planned, but I give her an A for effort!”

2. Copycat- someone who copies the work (or mimics the actions) of others

Example: “Janie is a copycat- she was looking at my answers while we were taking the test!”

3. Learn (something) by heart- to memorize something completely

Example: “I have played that song so many times that I have learned it by heart and don’t even have to look at the music.”

4. Pass with flying colors- to pass (a test) easily and with a high score

Example: “Todd must have studied a long time because he passed the test with flying colors.”

5. Play hooky- to skip school

Example: “My friends are playing hooky today so they can be first in line for concert tickets this afternoon.”

6. Drop out of school- to stop attending school

Example: “Maurice had to drop out of school when his mother became ill so that he could help take care of her.”

7. Put your thinking cap on- to think in a serious manner

Example: “We’re all going to have to put our thinking caps on to tackle this big problem.”

8. Show of hands- raising hands to vote about something

Example: “By a show of hands, how many of you would prefer to have the test on Friday?”

9. Teacher’s pet- the teacher’s favorite student

Example: “Jonathan is the teacher’s pet- she always calls on him first.”

10. Bookworm- someone who reads a lot

Example: “She is such a bookworm! She seems to have a new book every day!”

There are plenty more school-related idioms; are there any that you can think of that you would like to have explained? Share with us!

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